Custom Foam Parts and Custom Manufactured Padding

Custom Made Foam for Cases and Containers

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South-Pak can expertly handle your needs for foam parts and foam for cases. We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing foam for all types of cases, end caps, box inserts, and all forms of custom cushioning. We make layered foam specifically to match your needs, your type of road case, and your budget.

We work with the latest CAD technology to get you a rapid prototype, and a consistent final product. All of our manufacturing is done in house, so we can maintain full control over the production of your products. Let our designers work with you one-on-one to provide you with the best advice and alternatives for your needs.

We stock over 20 different types of foams and cushioning materials and, based on your cushioning requirements, can quickly match you with the best overall solution. We can also handle your special requirements regarding static control, abrasion control, and conductivity.

Foam Manufacturing Methods

Waterjet foam cutting

Our in-house waterjet capability allows for rapid prototyping of foam parts, even with several iterations. These machines are enormously versitile, and are great for cutting foam to exacting tolerances. We have over 10 years experience in waterjeting foam for custom cases and other cushioning needs, let our machine work for you!

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Our CAD routing capability allows for production efficiencies in large runs with complex cavity structures and depths. Routers work great for multi-laminate foams, and for engraving top surfaces.This technology is used heavily in making foam parts for toolkits, drawer inserts, and foam for cases.

Foam Fabrication Services Custom Foam Cushions and Cases

Steel rule die cutting is an old technology, but for simple, long-run projects like foam end-caps, it can't be beat. A Steel tule die works much like a cookie cutter. Sheets of Foam are compressed on the sharp steel edges, and the cut foam part is removed. This can be done at rapid speed.

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Often, hand prototyping is the quickest and most cost effective method for making a sample part. This is especially true when a lot of CAD design time would be needed just to see if a sample will work. Our case assemblers have years of hand-on fabrication experience and can quickly fabricate sample parts for check fits and evaluations.

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We make your product development dreams a reality by working with you through our rapid prototyping process. By combining custom foam solutions with our abilities to produce custom fabricated plastic, we connect you to material suppliers and the manufacturing capacity needed to develop your soft bag product or panel mount technology product.