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Plasti-CladTM ATA case products are made using advanced composite panel structures that yields high strength and light weight. They incorporate standard ATA hardware, yet have significant performance advantages!

What are the advantages of Plasti-Clad™?

Plasti-Clad™ cases are light, durable and custom sized for you application. Typical weights are 25% to 35% less than a comparable wooden shipping container, and similar to molded plastic cases. Unlike molded cases, they do not get "gummy" in high heat environments. The composite panels hold up well to forklift abuse and are easily cleaned for their next deployment. Plasti-CladTM is available in 12 color options with no increase in lead time! They are the best option for larger items, or for custom ramp, drawer, and EIA rack options.

By design, all Plasti-Clad™ ATA* Products contain no wood or other bioactive materials. This eliminates concerns about moisture, mildew, and insects. In turn, no fumigation documentation is required for international shipments.

What are the panel structures available?
The Plasti-CladTM family is comprised of 4 main products:

Bi-Corr Panel

Dura-Style Cases

Plasti-Clad Lite Cases

Plasti-Clad Ultra

Bi-CorrTM - This is our proprietary flagship panel product. It is a .5" overall structure, and utilizes 4 different materials, including two aluminum facings, plus a textured ABS plastic outer layer. It is extremely light, yet exceptionally resistant to bending and penetration. The sheet materials are chemically bonded, so de-lamination will not occur even after hours in the desert sun. The aluminum structure also extends the temperature range for sub-freezing requirements.

Dura-StyleTM - Clean, interlocking extrusions and corner joints define our "prettiest" member of the Plasti-Clad family. The panel structure is .25" thick, and is comprised of a light-weight per-fabricated flight panel. These cases are suitable for airline shipping and outdoor use, and meet all ATA* standards.

Plasti-Clad LiteTM - Plasti-Clad Lite is a 4 part, .5" panel structure consisting of cross-laminated corrugated panels covered with a tough ABS outer layer. It uses the same .50” extrusion system as our Plasti-Clad cases, and also meets ATA* standards.

Plasti-Clad UltraTM - Plasti-Clad Ultra is a 3 part, .5" panel structure. Plasti-Clad Ultra is ideal for material handling needs, palletized shipping covers, and display products. They are not generally suited for commercial shipping, but have been used successfully in airline travel.

*ATA is the abbreviation for Air Transport Association. This professional association of major Air Carriers evolved standards for boxes and cases used to protect aircraft parts and instrumentation in transit. The acronym “ATA” is often used to describe the style and placement of latches and handles described in these specifications. It implies a strong case, but there are varying levels (Categories) called out in the performance requirements. To be fully certified, a sample of the specific case size and cushioning system must either pass a series of stress tests, or survive a shipping test of the specified number of round trips.

Please contact us if more detail is required about ATA categories and testing. Usually, we certify the hardware is in compliance, and the case strength is adequate, based on prior art. If necessary, we can arrange the independent testing of cases specific to your requirement.

Accessorize your Plasti-CladTM case with the following options:

- Drag Wheels
- Custom Colors
- Lifting Rings
- Recessed Latches
- Recessed Handles
- Pallet Runners
- Tool Drawers
- Custom Placarding
- Loading Ramps
- Foam / Partitioned Interiors
- Rack Rails
- and many other options

Dept. of Energy Penetration Test** Results

Plasti-CladTM Front

Plasti-ClasTM Back
Wood ATA Case Front

Wood ATA Case Back

**The Department of Energy penetration test specifies dropping a 13lb. steel rod onto a case panel from a height of 40". The Plasti-cladTM case was not breached but the wood case was breached on both the front and the back. A roto-molded case (not shown) also cracked in the same test conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat if you need help in case design or selection, we are always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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