Shipping Cases and Graphics Cases for Trade Shows by South-Pak

Custom Trade Show Cases and Graphics Cases for
Shipping Graphic Displays and Trade Show Equipment.

South-Pak has a full selection of custom made shipping cases made especially for trade show equipment, displays, and materials. These trade show cases and graphics cases come in many styles and sizes. We have a large in-stock inventory, and provide custom design and expert advice for the trade show "Road Warrior".

We specialize in large and odd size cases! Our full time design staff will work with you to get the most efficient and cost effective solution for your specific needs. Our signature FoamFrameTM case interiors save you time and money by reducing the size of your trade show case without compromising protection.

Flat Pack Cases

These graphics cases feature molded in handles and wheels, two recessed webbed straps and the ability to telescope the depth to 12" (10" flat). Ideal for trade show materials, graphics panels, and lighting stands. Click here for sizes and options.

Graphic Cases

Rotationally molded plastic shells with molded in handles wheels. These cases can stand up to the rough treatment of the loading dock. Click here for sizes and options.

Rolling Trunks

Unique lightweight trunks. Molded plastic with recessed exterior straps for economy. Excellent for shipping industrial goods, literature, and tools. Click here for sizes and options.

Plasma and LCD Cases

New sizes for 20" to 36" screens come standard with a universal foam interior. Larger 42" to 50" screen cases have a variety of features. Click here for sizes and options.

Lightweight Tubs

Self-palletizing, lightweight roto-molded shipping tubs with heavy-duty webbing straps and compartment slots. Easy to stack. With telescoping lids. Click here for sizes and options.

Plasti-Clad Cases

Plasti-CladTM cases are light, durable and custom sized for your application. Weights are 25% to 35% less than wood ATA cases. Click here to learn more.

Truck-Pack Shippers

Tough, rotationally molded shipping containers stack securely and have recessed hardware for extra durability. ATA compliant and is available many sizes. Click here to learn more.

SKB Rail-Pack Cases

SKB Rail-Pack cases feature surface mount handles on the top and wheels on the bottom. These cases are ideal for transporting long, thin items such as lighting equipment, tripods, and poles. Click here to learn more.

We're more than just obsessed over cases and boxes. We are innovative engineers and designers, known for rapid prototyping and the manufacturing of custom tailored products. Our wide array of products range from HPRC hard carrying cases to Storm Rolling Hard Cases. We are southern hospitality meets powerful manufacturing. Learn more about what we do today.