IT and Computer Equipment Shipping Cases

Protect Your Technology. Ship Multiple Laptops Safely.

Peace of mind is knowing that the six laptops and projector you just shipped ahead are having a less stressful trip than you are!

We specialize in cost effective and innovative solutions for IT equipment shipping cases. From desktop monitors to 30" servers, South-Pak is your shipping case solution source.

Multiple Laptop Shipping Cases: A branded South-Pak product. This system features a Pelican 1620, or a Storm 2750 case with a custom partitioned interior to allow for more payload in less space without compromising the safety of the contents. Intelligent design equals more flexibility and lower life-cycle cost. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Storm 2750 Case shell-image
Many Training and IT professionals need to travel with 15" to 20" desktop monitors. These monitors are notoriously hard to package once the original Styrofoam and corrugated box has been disgarded. Contact Us and let us build a solution for your monitor.
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Monitor Shipping Case for Dell-Image
CPU Shipping Cases: Our design centers aroud an SKB Mil. Spec. Roto case - Part# 3R-2222-12. This case shell is tough as nails, and offers superb protection around the vulnerable areas of a CPU. Foam around the CPUs is adjusted based on different CPU weights and sizes to provide the exact level of cushioning required. Hidden compartments underneath store common accessories.

CPU Shipping Case Custom Interior-Image
SKB Standard CPU Shipping Case-Image
Server Rack Cases: Specially designed traveling shock rack systems for 28" and 30" servers. These SKB Server Rack Cases are ideal for disaster recovery, training, and a host of other applications. They feature tough, rotationally molded shells with a high-tech shock dampening systems and 2- 270 degree swing out doors for quick setup.
SKB 30 inch Server Rack Case SKB Rack Case for servers-Image
Plug-N-Play Custom Cases: For a truly turnkey solution, we can mount your monitors, CPUs, routers, etc. on plastic panels inside your case. All you have to do is flip the lid, plug it in, and get to work! We can add custom graphics with detailed operating instructions as well.
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Plug-N-Play case with graphics
Review our Custom Timeline to see how your project will proceed, and fill out our Project Worksheet to get started. View our Testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us.

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