Custom Cases and Customized Foam for Cases

We are your solution source for the latest in high-tech design and manufacturing of quality custom flight cases including custom A/V cases, custom trade show cases, and custom sales demo cases.

From Prototype to Production

South-Pak, Inc. is your solution source for quality custom cases made with the latest in high-tech design and manufacturing. We customize hard cases, travel cases, and shipping cases for a wide variety of needs. From mobile ATM cases and other cases for sales demonstration purposes to flight cases for confidential military technologies, we make the best.

please note: for iPhone and other mobile device cases, check out our friends at Case Mate

Our customers like General Electric and Siemens demand innovative solutions that last. For 30 years we have delivered on the promise of speed, quality, and value. On the premise that "one size does not fit all", we custom manufacture and custom design everything we batch manufacture. We sit down with you and understand your unique problems and create custom container and case solutions that will blow you away.

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Custom Demo Panel Case

Making Protective Custom Cases:

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate protection for your valuable contents and reduce container weight, lower life-cycle cost, provide enhanced appearance and increased "ease of use". Our flexible manufacturing facility can quickly satisfy your order, regardless of quantity. We utilize CAD design and CAD manufacturing to ensure a consistent, quality result for your hard cases.

How we Manufacture Custom Cases

We manufacture custom case solutions from scratch as well as custom foam for manufactured cases such as Pelican cases, Storm Cases, Hardigg Cases, and other leading case manufacturers. We modify the cases we obtain from distributors and when existing products aren't the perfect fit for your needs, we utilize our in-house technology and methods to custom make a solution for you, starting with our innovative layered ABS based protective materials.

Custom Electronics Case

Read about our signature FoamFrameTM interiors, and how they will save you money while offering superior protection for your contents. We utilize over 10 different grades of foam and plastics, and closely match cushioning performance to the needs of your valuable case contents.

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We manufacture custom tool cases to protect your equipment, custom trade show shipping cases that allow you to travel with expensive graphic displays, custom sales demo cases so that your sales team can travel the world and wow clients every single time without having to worry about delicate prototypes. We build the prototype into the case. We even produce custom IT cases for your mobile work force. This week, starting June 28th, we're featuring our Flat Pack Trade Show Cases.