Case Repair, Case Hardware, and Case Refurbishment

Certified Warranty and General Repair Center for Shipping Cases.

South-Pak Sells, Services and Installs both O.E.M. and quality aftermarket case hardware. In most instances, we can perform your needed warranty case repair and receive reimbursement directly from the manufacturer. This saves you the shipping cost!!

The life of your case shell greatly exceeds that of your interior and hardware. Contact us today to discuss case repair and refurbishment options for your stock hard case.
Case Repair

We can service your needs in the following categories:
bulletPallet Provisions (Click for more information) bulletPlastic or Metal Latches CONTACT US
bulletLifting Rings (Click for more information) bulletCase Handles CONTACT US
case hardwareCasters (Click for more information) bulletPanel Rings CONTACT US
bulletCase Locks (Click for more information) Case hardwareLabel Plates CONTACT US
bulletRackmount Hardware (Click here) bulletCut / Puncture Repair CONTACT US
bulletPlacards (Click for more info) bulletPressure Relief Valves CONTACT US

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