TSA Approved Case Locks

Locks for Your Hard Cases and Soft Cases that can be Used in Airline Check Through

The locks below are specially shaped to fit in most molded case locking hasps, and work well for fabricated cases as well! These TSA locks can be opened by airline TSA agents using a master key. They can therefore be sent through locked.

Part# SP2356-TSA Flexible Lock: This 3-tumbler combination lock has a
very tough flexible loop that allows the lock to bend and flex as it travels
on the case. A very useful feature in the tough world of airline or
commercial baggage shipment.

PRICE = $11.95 each
Part# 1506-TSA Flexible Lock: The brand new Pelican OEM 3-tumbler
case lock features a long flexible loop for ease of use.

PRICE = $12.95 each
Part# 7745 Locking Hasp: Fits most molded cases, steel construction
with rivet fastening.

PRICE = $32.50 each
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