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Quality Rack Hardware for Standard 19 Inch Racks and more

Browse through our large selection of quality rack drawers, shelves, and other rack hardware. Click on a product category to see more details and pricing. We have equipment for standard 19" racks including rack drawers, rack shelves, and faceplates

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Rack Drawers Rack Faceplates Sliding Rack Shelves
10" Deep, Heavy Duty (2U - 3U)
15" Deep, Heavy Duty (1U - 6U)
18" Deep, Heavy Duty (2U - 6U)
24" Deep, Heavy Duty (5U)
Steel Rack Panel Faceplates (1U - 5U)
Vented Rack Panel Faceplates (1U - 4U)
15" Sliding Rack Shelf- Pull-out (1U)
15" Sliding Floor Shelf (2U)
SKB - OEM Velcro Sliding Shelf
15' Sliding Keyboard Tray (2U)
Fixed Rack Shelves Rack Storage Pouches Rack Access Doors
10" Fixed Rack Shelf (1U)
15" Fixed Rack Shelf (2U)
15" Fixed Rack Shelf (3U)
15" Fixed Rack Shelf (4U)
15" Clamping Rack Shelf (2U-4U)
South-Pak Storage and Cable Pouches
SKB - OEM Storage and Wheel Pouches
19" Rackable Doors (6U-14U)
19" Locking Access Doors (5U)
11" Locking Access Door (5U)
Other Rack Hardware Rack Support Rails Custom Cushioning
10/32 Rack Screws - Phillips Head
SKB - OEM Screw and Nut pack
SKB - Heavy load Shock Kit
SKB - Rack Case Load spreaders
SKB - Caster Boards
SKB - OEM Support Rails CONTACT US
to discuss your custom needs
South-Pak Placards: Stock and Custom