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About ZERO Manufacturing

ZERO manufactures aluminum and molded plastic cases that are used in defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, electronics, and telecommunications markets. With a focus on products that offer protection, ZERO promises safe transport for valuable electronics and equipment. ZERO Manufacturing, Inc. is owned by Protostar Partners and is based at a 300,000 square foot facility located in North Salt Lake, Utah, USA. ZERO is also minimizing its impact on the environment by using green-friendly processes to recycle materials and minimize waste. For example, ZERO developed a dry paint line which allows a more environmentally friendly application mechanism than standard wet paints. Zero cases are top notch, and will deliver years of reliable performance

If you need something a little more custom, we batch manufacture custom soft bags and custom hard cases based on your exact specifications and needs. If you already have a case, consider the case repair services we offer.

Did you know that thanks to our TSA approved locks, you can keep your equipment and belongings safe and locked, even at the airport?