Awesome Plug-N-Play Sales Demo Case

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This case has got it all! Working instrumentation, see through panels, and foam, plastic and metal fabrication are all combined into a very attractive sales tool for this instrumentation company. We designed and built this from the ground up based on our customer’s input.
Plug-N-Play Electronics Case

Custom Case for Wheel Chair Wheels

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Our customer makes high-end wheel chair wheels and needed a safe, convenient way to transport samples for sales purposes. We built this Parker SC case with a removable fabricated plastic center piece for him. this case protects both wheels using soft convoluted foam, and provides storage cavities for hardware as well.

Wheel Chair Wheel Case

Plumbing Fixtures Sales Case

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Plumbing fixtures set in decorative foam and plastic for sales demonstration. the fixtures are assembled on the panel to show how they work. No water though!



Large Medical Gear Case

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Medical field service case. This is a large Hardigg shipping case with a custom interior for a shim device used to service MRI machines.

Field Equipment Case

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Field_Equipment_CaseThis case features a partitioned Storm equipment case with a custom cinch bag in the base, and a custom pouch in the lid with screen printed instructions for packing

Equipment Case with Tripod Mount on Lid

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This is a custom fabricated ATA case that has inset metal fittings on the lid that hold a tripod. The metal fittings are pre-threaded for ease of use.

Custom Case Product Photo Gallery

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Check out a photo slideshow collection of some custom cases we have been working on. Comment below and let us know what you think.



If you’re interested in learning more about a custom case solution to solve your needs, contact us today by emailing or calling Toll-Free 1 (800) 541-9834.

Custom Made Case for Shipping and Storing Sensor Technology

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Featured Custom CaseCustom Made Case for Sensors

Custom Made Case for Sensors

In this instance, our customer needed to get a variety of fragile sensors in a conveninet carry case. These cases allow for the needed mobility of the expensive sensor technology. South-Pak was able to utilize both the case bas and lid, and also provided a die-cut neoprene mat for presentation. Thus the solution provided an effective presentable solution. Now the client could transport and carry its sensor technology onto a variety of sites without compromising the integrity of the devices or worrying about damage that might be incurred.