New Project – Flip-Up Panel Case

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Hot off the presses! Just completed this demonstration case that has a cut-out panel that holds a LCD screen. The panel flips up and secures to the lid for a show-n-tell demonstration. electronics are wired through the back and under the screen.


New Video – Pelican Carry Cases

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See the graet features of Pelican Protector carry cases.

Pelican_Carry_Cases.wmv Watch on Posterous


Document Shipping Case

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This rugged case has a metal partitioning system to hold literature, and keep it orderly and safe while traveleing to trade shows.


Product Demo Case

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This case has contains an interior firs safety system and is used to show the system to prospective clients. All electronics inside are hooked up and work.


Case with Custom Made Cable Spools

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In this case we fabricated a set of plastic cable spools that allow the customer to organize their nest of cords in an efficient manner.


Band Merchandise Case

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Storage in the back, and a Plexiglass top that lifts up displays the items for sale to the public.


Sewn Cover for Aviation Tech

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This weatherproof cover is designed to protect on-runway computer diagnostic equipment from the elements. It fits over the top of an open hard case and allows the tech to operate the computer and see the screen without the computer getting wet.


iPad Shipping and Charging Case

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This case holds 16 iPads and is configured to charge them in the case. It is used for shipping the iPads to remote training sites. It features custom foam, structural plastic, and an aluminum plate that locks in the up or down position to deter theft. Power and USB access is set through the case wall in the back. Great design and functionality!


ATA Shipping Case with Partitions

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South-Pak’s Plasti-Clad ATA case with solid partitoins for a heavy-weight application. 


Product Display Case – High-End HVAC Systems

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We are really proud of this one. It is a combination travel case and product display with plug-n-play features. The compnay logo lights up with a green LED light inside the plastic, and all of the electronics actually work.