Product Video – SKB 3i-2918-14 Shipping Case

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Equipment Case with Tripod Mount on Lid

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This is a custom fabricated ATA case that has inset metal fittings on the lid that hold a tripod. The metal fittings are pre-threaded for ease of use.

Product Video: SKB 3i-2317-14 Case

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SKB_3i-2317-14.wmv Watch on Posterous

Portable Wardrobe ATA Case

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Custom fabricated ATA raod case that holds and organizes clothing. For use in backstage dressing rooms.


Custom Tool Case for Field Service

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Sturdy shipping case with routed overlay on custom foam cutouts. This is a specialty tool case for use in nuclear power plants. 


Custom Case Video – How We Make Them

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In this installment of our Concept-to-Completion series we look at making shipping cases for large demo panels.

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Shipping Case with Plastic Bins

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This is a fabricated shipping case that is built to hold existing plastic bins that are used in our customer’s production process. The case travels from plant to plant in the customer’s system.


Product Video – SKB 3i-2918-10 Shipping and Travel case

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New video detailing the size and features of the SKB 2918-10 case

SKB_3i_2918-10.wmv Watch on Posterous

D.I.Y. Duct Tape Case

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If all else fails, you can always travel with your flat screen monitor by wrapping the box it came in with duct tape, and then check it through on the plane.


Military Guys Using SKB Cases

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Great picture of military folks in full garb using SKB cases for field operations.