The Debt Crisis in Washington and the Logistics Industry in Atlanta

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Right now, our phones at South-Pak are ringing at a steady rate. We were pushing hard to grow despite the economic climate and while the past few weeks have been slow, our efforts appear to be paying off. Finally. With our long term investments in mind, we trust that politics and the economy at the macro scale will sort itself out.

But what if it doesn’t?

The US debt limit crisis could have serious consequences for domestic chemicals producers and other manufacturers if not quickly resolved, a top industry official said on Monday, and ultimately it could trigger a new recession

If the debt crisis triggers a new recession, we could quickly see the rise in costs such as fuel and energy. The logistics industry will still demand more money from its customers, etc. While we will always do our best to produce custom flight cases at affordable cost, demand will inevitably fall if our customers face higher costs elsewhere.

For now, there is hope in the monumental effort being untaken by some politicians and there is also hope in the data reflecting small business growth and positive earnings news from Wall Street.

Custom Transit Cases

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When your products or your equipment needs to go from point A to point B and back again, and then again, and then again, all within just one average day, you know you need to invest in proper housing for your devices. That’s why South-Pak’s customers like Brinks and Lockheed Martin come back again and again.

Just like foods are wrapped in plastic or cardboard packaging, businesses around the world are turning to custom made specialized rigid containers in various types to protect their end products.

Why? It saves you money. Products and equipment last longer. They don’t get lost. They remain protected. Cases make it easier to distribute and travel and it makes your product as a whole, much more impressive.

Some companies turn to soft cases made of mendable yet durable material. These bags can include partitions and components to insure organization.

Most companies are after hard cases with rigid edges that can stand strong forces and protect the contents no matter what. For this, South-Pak offers a wide array of custom transit cases such as rolling hard cases or custom carrying cases.Discover the option that’s best for your needs by calling 1 (800) 541-9834.

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How To Ship a TV Screen

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If you need to ship a TV screen such as a big plasma or lcd display, you certainly don’t want to risk damage and you don’t want to pay insane amounts of money either. There is a balance to be found.

Bu using a specially designed hard protective case for your TV screen with a foam interior, you can protect the case as you travel. You can even let the case double as a stand. This way, you can bring your display to your sales demo presentation or to your trade show. You put the display on the case and there you have it!

At South-Pak, we manufacture and distribute an array of these plasma screen cases. We have them in all sorts of sizes and styles. To view our selection of tv screen cases, just click here. We will work with you to ensure the protection of your equipment and the professionalism of your upcoming presentation. If you have any questions, just contact us.

How to Travel on Airlines with Sales Demo Cases

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You can no longer get away with just bringing a hard case into the airport. In our post-September 11th world, for better and for worse security is tight and it can be a big pain and it can cause hefty fees.

Now it takes an article from us in order to learn how to bring your sales samples on a plane without paying too many fees. But we’ll even give you two options.

1. A Padded Soft Case Exterior
A properly designed padded soft case with foaming can take the place of heavy hard case. With good case interior construction, a soft case will allow the same amount of contents to be protected equally well, even in the rough world of airline baggage handling.

2. A Custom Designed Case Interior
Foam padding, pluck foam, and bubble wrap may work if you are using a large case with lots of empty space, but when all of your equipment must fit it into a relatively small case, a custom cushioned interior will make it happen. The high quality custom cases and interiors are designed by CAD (Computer Aided Design) and feature plastic trays and partitioning. They also come with custom foam cushioning, so that the internal structures work together as a supportive unit. In many cases, pardon the pun, this will make the difference between getting everything in, and having to leave some items behind.

If you’re ready to investigate ordering your custom case solution, check our our solutions page