Custom Soft Cases in Healthcare

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A growing number of our customers do business in the medical field.


  • We built a case so that Thermo Scientific could transport a bioreactor safely from trade show to trade show.
  • We made an equipment cases for ProteinSimple, a company that provides protein analysis tools that help researchers identify the role of protein in disease. As a result, their products last longer and benefit in terms of reliability.

We have developed special processes for developing speciality protective cases for requirements of the medical industry.

  • We have made cases for implants,
  • cases for medical instrumentation,
  • cases for calibration kits,
  • and cases for temperature sensitive samples.

We use the best materials to protect and tamper proof critical supplies, equipment, and resources. Hospitals and healthcare industry innovators trust our cases out in the field, in their research centers, and in the hands of customers and patients.

Please click here to learn more about South-Pak’s extraordinary custom soft cases.

19 Inch Deep Rack Cases from SKB

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South-Pak isn’t the typical packaging and container industry company. We think of ourselves more as a technology company providing solutions to our customers. Our solutions and services cover a wide array of opportunities for us to add value to your business.

While we are loud about marketing our hard case and soft case offerings, we would like to note our rack case offerings today. Our rack cases, such as the SKB 19 inch standard rack case, are the perfect housing for your industrial equipment such as servers. We will work closely with you to customize the hardware based on your needs.

Prices for our rack cases range from roughly $160 to $360 depending on functionality and dimensions. If you need help identifying the right case for your needs, the best next step is to contact us by emailing us at or by giving us a call.

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South-Pak’s Custom Plastic Manufacturing

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Did you know South-Pak, Inc. does custom plastic manufacturing too?

At South-Pak, we work with the latest Computer Aided Design technology to get you a rapid prototype, and a consistent final product. All of our manufacturing is done in house here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This allows us to maintain full control over the production of your products.

Let our designers work with you one-on-one to provide you with the best advice and alternatives for your needs.

Our batch production capabilities can accommodate your tight project budget. No project is too big, no project is too small.

Learn about our custom plastic fabrication capabilities and contact us today!



Introducing Custom Parker Cases for Business Travel

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Businesses travelers with expensive equipment, technology, and supplies need the best protection. Parker cases deliver just that.

These high density polyethylene cases are rugged and strong. Best for traveling with telecom equipment, laptops, monitors and displays, and fragile electronic equipment, the case shells provide the best combination of strength and impact resistance. These cases are not heavy and are ideal for helping your equipment stand the test of time.

We proudly feature and customize Parker Roto Rugged cases for larger equipment. These wheeled cases have a variety of size and feature options.

To learn more about these cases and the other custom cases we feature, check out our Parker Cases homepage.

Custom Transit Cases

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When your products or your equipment needs to go from point A to point B and back again, and then again, and then again, all within just one average day, you know you need to invest in proper housing for your devices. That’s why South-Pak’s customers like Brinks and Lockheed Martin come back again and again.

Just like foods are wrapped in plastic or cardboard packaging, businesses around the world are turning to custom made specialized rigid containers in various types to protect their end products.

Why? It saves you money. Products and equipment last longer. They don’t get lost. They remain protected. Cases make it easier to distribute and travel and it makes your product as a whole, much more impressive.

Some companies turn to soft cases made of mendable yet durable material. These bags can include partitions and components to insure organization.

Most companies are after hard cases with rigid edges that can stand strong forces and protect the contents no matter what. For this, South-Pak offers a wide array of custom transit cases such as rolling hard cases or custom carrying cases.Discover the option that’s best for your needs by calling 1 (800) 541-9834.

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Custom Case Product Photo Gallery

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Check out a photo slideshow collection of some custom cases we have been working on. Comment below and let us know what you think.



If you’re interested in learning more about a custom case solution to solve your needs, contact us today by emailing or calling Toll-Free 1 (800) 541-9834.

South-Pak’s Custom 19 Rack Mount Cases

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Sometimes your needs require a custom solution. Perhaps this is due to intense working conditions or due to needs for very efficient use of space or perhaps due to custom hardware.

If you’ve been looking for custom work done to your stock rack cases, South-Pak is the manufacturer for you. South-Pak routinely customizes stock rack cases to incorporate non-rack mount gear, and external stands and mounts. We can create the perfect workstation for your unique needs.

We believe our custom rack mount solutions are the absolute best. We maintain the highest quality standards. We can efficiently and affordable scale the custom solutions we build.

Enough about our capabilities: Let’s talk about exactly what we can do for you. Give us a call: (770) 242-0007

Want to learn more?
Read about our custom rack hardware and more about the solutions we offer for growing companies with complex rack hardware needs. We have a database of specs and details for you right here.

Introducing Custom Case and Bag Solutions for Motorcyclists

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At South-Pak, we work hard to bring you innovative solutions for your every need. Our custom solutions work wonders for our business clients but the same products can also benefit motorcycle enthusiasts and riders looking for ways for their next road trip to be less of a hassle.

We have experience fitting, installing, and customizing storage solutions for motorcycles. For example, below are two Pelican 1600 cases that are fixtured to the bike to hold cargo.

Picture of hard cases for motorcycles.

Pelican Hard Cases for Road Trips

These cases are super tough and weather resistant. This means that you can travel easy knowing that even in the worst situation, your valuables are protected in practically impenetrable military-grade hard cases.

Additionally, we have the best soft case solutions. We have the manufacturing abilities to make custom bags and soft cases for every need. We also distribute these very durable weather resistant backpacks.

Tough Waterproof Backpack

A Tough Waterproof Backpack

These are perfect for keeping your personal necessities close in easy access. So even if you run out of room in your storage compartments, you can carry or tie your bag to your bike.

If you have any questions about the custom case solutions we can provide for you, be sure to check our case solutions website and engage in a live support chat with one of our expert designers.

How Sales Demo Cases Boost Your Sales

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In sales, “image is everything”. Especially in a crowded venue like a trade show, it’s vital to stand out. Standing out means having a bold brand image that acts as a magnet to attract potential customers as well as a filter that attracts your target demographic.

If you’re building your small business, your initial sales push is vital and will set you on the right or on the wrong track. If it’s done poorly, it can cost you a lot and the results are poor.

That’s where sales demo cases come in. They make it easy for you to travel and transport your products for a pitch, for trade show purposes, and more. They protect your product, with branding they can attract attention, and they make you look professional. They actually add value to your product.

So, what do you need to do?

Let South-Pak help you look good in front of your customers with a custom designed sales demo case that includes attaractive foam laminates and custom artwork to boot!

Aveno Plasticase Custom Sales Demo Case

A sales demo case made for a sales team.

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Learn more about our sales demo case solutions by clicking here.

Foam and Plastic Manufacturing for Rack Cases

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South-Pak uses foam and plastics fabrication to customize stock rack cases to hold a variety on non-rackmount equipment.

Picture of custom foam inside of a rack case.

Custom manufactured foam to hold non-rack-mount technology in a rack case.

We also build foam and partitioned interiors inside standard rack drawers, and can add barkets and custom pouches to the inside of case lids.

This is just one of the many ways our top-of-the-line foam and plastic manufacturing capabilities can help your business. We take great pride in making protective equipment and even providing rack cases because we improve and build solutions that improve company efficiency and technology functionality.