Boxes, Foam, and Equipment Working as One

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Putting your equipment in a box with foam can go a long way

We make incredible things happen when we bring together boxes, foam, and equipment. Like a satellite technology case for military telecommunications. For that case, we were told to fit a bunch of separate technology and gadgets into a small highly durable case. We had to make everything work together, we had to make the equipment highly functional so that the equipment could be used in high stress environments, and we had to build an assortment of difficult compartments to hide away wires and protect fragile computer chips. Now, that case we build for a government agency is traveling the world. When a group of soldiers need to communicate critical information, when they need to rapidly setup a mobile communication network, they trust our technology. We couldn’t be more proud.

With our innovative Plasti-Clad material, we make boxes. The multilayered ABS plastic, the components we add to the formula, and our design and engineering processes all revolve around making the best solution for your problems and difficulties. We save millions of dollars for companies that do a lot of logistics works. Brinks, with their thousands of armored trucks traveling from bank to bank, rely on South-Pak created products to compartmentalize and secure their deposits in the truck. South-Pak worked closely with them to make a lengthy procedure into a rapid and simplified process.

From weapons cases that allow a SWAT team to rapidly deploy their largest equipment to our tiny chip packaging that is making it easier for chip manufacturers to distribute their technology, we bring together the boxes, the foam, and the equipment that empowers what works. You might think of what we do as a simple company that makes cases, four sided boxes.

The reality is that we work very closely with our clients. We solve their problems and increase their margins using “just” foam, boxes, and equipment. It’s a simple approach but we take great pride in it, and as a result we are pushing the American manufacturing industry forward.

What simple mundane resources does your business utilize in order to add value to the world around?

Introducing Custom Parker Cases for Business Travel

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Businesses travelers with expensive equipment, technology, and supplies need the best protection. Parker cases deliver just that.

These high density polyethylene cases are rugged and strong. Best for traveling with telecom equipment, laptops, monitors and displays, and fragile electronic equipment, the case shells provide the best combination of strength and impact resistance. These cases are not heavy and are ideal for helping your equipment stand the test of time.

We proudly feature and customize Parker Roto Rugged cases for larger equipment. These wheeled cases have a variety of size and feature options.

To learn more about these cases and the other custom cases we feature, check out our Parker Cases homepage.

Custom Transit Cases

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When your products or your equipment needs to go from point A to point B and back again, and then again, and then again, all within just one average day, you know you need to invest in proper housing for your devices. That’s why South-Pak’s customers like Brinks and Lockheed Martin come back again and again.

Just like foods are wrapped in plastic or cardboard packaging, businesses around the world are turning to custom made specialized rigid containers in various types to protect their end products.

Why? It saves you money. Products and equipment last longer. They don’t get lost. They remain protected. Cases make it easier to distribute and travel and it makes your product as a whole, much more impressive.

Some companies turn to soft cases made of mendable yet durable material. These bags can include partitions and components to insure organization.

Most companies are after hard cases with rigid edges that can stand strong forces and protect the contents no matter what. For this, South-Pak offers a wide array of custom transit cases such as rolling hard cases or custom carrying cases.Discover the option that’s best for your needs by calling 1 (800) 541-9834.

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Custom Case Product Photo Gallery

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Check out a photo slideshow collection of some custom cases we have been working on. Comment below and let us know what you think.



If you’re interested in learning more about a custom case solution to solve your needs, contact us today by emailing or calling┬áToll-Free 1 (800) 541-9834.

Pak-Tuff: The Ultimate in Strength for Carry Cases

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South-Pak has just developed a line of ultra strong fabricated carry cases called Pak-Tuff. These cases feature a heat formed outer shell with extra plastic in the corners, metal snap down latches, a continuous hinge, and an integrated fold-down handle.

South-Pak, based at 4467 Park Drive, Norcross, GA 30093 is proud to have developed this technology in house in the United States. American manufacturing is holding strong thanks to a fantastic innovative workforce. The quality of our team far surpasses our competitors across the globe. At least we would like to believe so. But we are indeed very proud to feature Pak-Tuff as a Norcross, Georgia technology.

Unlike our competitors cases, Pak-Tuff can be dropped from 4 feet high onto concrete without breaking. In our labs, we have abused Pak-Tuff and pushed our own technology to the limit. We strive to create the very best technology because we know how durable you want your equipment technology to be.

Pak-Tuff will shortly be available in over 200 stock sizes, and will be infinitely customizable with hardware and interior options.

How to Win Against Airline Weight Limits

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We as travelers seem to be at war with the airlines. The airlines, most of them at least, are inventing fees everywhere and we as travelers want to carry as much as possible and avoid those fees. The weight limits are especially expensive and painful to deal with. But there is a way to win.

Custom Made Airline Carry On Bag

Custom Made Airline Carry On Bag

One of the biggest challenges today is meeting the airline weight limits when traveling with your gear.

If you are a traveling businessman in the manufacturing industry like we are, you know the pain of trying to carry demo products and equipment and having to dig way too deep into your pocket and checkbook.

There is good news!
South-Pak makes rugged custom made soft cases that are built to withstand the rigors of airline baggage handling, while also providing the convenience of wheels and telescoping handles. A custom cushioned interior helps protect and organize your gear inside the soft case.

What does this mean?
It means that you can travel with a bag that is custom prepared for your needs so that, as a result, you can travel lighter. The bag itself is lightweight and because you’ll have a custom solution, all access is avoided.

Protective Backpack Sling for Hikers and Others

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Protective Backpack Sling

The Ultimate Hiking Backpack Sling

Introducing, a brand new product that is here to fill the needs of climbers and gear intensive backpacking.

This unique backpack sling is designed to hold protective cases within it. As a result, one can carry several sizes of Pelican, Storm, SKB and other molded carry cases right on your back. This is ideal for everything from camping to servicing outdoor equipment.

If you’re a photographer carrying a lot of segmented gear or if your a climber and you just want to be able to take your stored gear and dump it quickly in your bag and be ready to go on an adventure. Either way, this backpack sling is perfect.

If you have any questions about these or other products offered by us, your protective case experts, contact us now.