Where to find the right long gun case

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Looking for a long gun case to protect your weapon such as a rifle or handgun? Finding the right case is hard. You have to take into account the length of your gun, what you want to store with the gun, different brands, different weights, and different prices.

We at South-Pak have decided to make it easier for you.

Introducing our brand new long gun cases page.

The page will let you compare dimensions and weights of various types and brands of gun cases. This is the perfect place to find a case where you can safely store your glock, rifle, scope, and other accessories all together for easy and discrete travel.

Introducing Custom Plastic Fabrication

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We would like to believe that we are only limited by physics. Thanks to our technology, our expert team, and our fascility, we are proud to introduce custom plastic fabrication for cases. We Utilize CAD design, Precision Bending, Waterjet Cutting, and Welding in our plastics manufacturing process.

We feature a rapid prototype development process, and a consistent final product for even very large scale projects and demands. All of our manufacturing is done in house, allowing us to maintain full control over the production of your products. We strive for the highest possible quality.

So what are you waiting for?
Let our designers work with you one-on-one to provide you with the best advice and alternatives for your needs.
Learn more about our custom case plastic fabrication now by visiting our website.