Innovative Custom Case Solutions That Last

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What does a 30 year old company know about products that truly last the test of time?

South-Pak does not just make boxes.

But what does South-Pak do?


  • We focus on innovative materials and technology.
  • We evolve practices and manufacturing processes constantly.
  • We seek the most difficult projects in aviation, military logistics, and other challenging industries.

South-Pak, Inc. makes custom engineered housings that are miticulusly designed and hand built with our innovative materials.

Siemens and Brinks are

companies with vast forces of workers, traveling from location to location with expensive technology and critical supplies. They need to be able to get to work fast. They need their technology to work without error whereever they go. They need solutions that fail-safe equipment organization and maintance.

That’s why they turn to South-Pak, Inc.
That’s why you should give us a call to.

  1. Tell us about the challenges facing your mobile technology.
  2. Tell us about that mess of wires you have.
  3. Tell us about that installation or protype that’s not being properly handled.
  4. Tell us about your logistical difficulties and your desire to cut costs.

We are eager to help you.
Call us when you have a chance: 1 (800) 541-9834

Cheers to the brillant minds at our humble factory.
Cheers to the American Manufacturing industry.

So what does your American manufacturing company do?


South-Pak, Inc.
Your Trusted Source for Custom Cases

How we use Twitter to grow our business network.

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Step by Step How To Promote Your Business on Twitter

Twitter is the subject of a lot of attention for being a social web network with a lot of users. More than 200 million users. It’s a very diverse user base with many of them being corporate accounts as well as accounts of individuals at high levels. With the proper tools, you can categorize twitter users into industry and present lists of highly influential users  that generate a lot of engagement on twitter (people retweet them, message them, and mention them). By taking advantage of the network effect on Twitter, you can market your brand and grow your array of connections.

There are a plethora of great business relationships waiting to be born everyday on Twitter. It’s a wonderful tool to expand your network of partner businesses, work on business development, engage potential clients, and deepen your relationships.

So what kind of process routine can you establish to grow on twitter?

After much deliberation and experimentation, we’re going to share how we do it here at South-Pak. It works for us, even though we are a boring manufacturer of custom made cases.

Step 1: Find Interesting and Popular News

You need to think about what content will be interesting for your target audience and find that content so that you can share it. Most people want to be fed interesting content. If you can find it and spread it, people will trust you, interact with you, and build a relationship with your brand.

The easiest way to do this is to go to and type in keywords that are relavent to your business. On the sidebar to the left, select “Past Day” to focus in on latest news. Note that stories at the top are expected to be the most popular based on Google’s algorithm.

For our purposes, we alternative between “logistics”, “packaging”, “shipping”, “travel”, “tradeshow”. As a marketer, it helped to go down the company’s list of solutions on the website and make a list of keywords based on the industries we solve problems in.

tip: Look at current trending topics and somehow incorporate them into your tweet. This will get your tweet a significant amount of views.

Step 2: Explore Preexisting Relevant Content

Read the story that is the most relevent to your target audience. Gain a complete understanding of the story and think about how the story can be informative to other businesses and potential users/clients.

Step 4: Write the Tweet

Open up your favorite twitter application (I use Twitter for mac) and start drafting a new tweet. First paste the link (if a shortened link is not automatically generated, use or a similar tool but make sure you have access to data on clicks.

As you write your tweet, you want to make sure you use as industry buzz words and hashtags. The whole point of your twitter message is to post an informative message that is easy to find. Consider what saved searches you use and what you, as part of your own target audience, would type into See the below for some of our recent tweets:

Step 5: Proactively Engage

I highly recommend that you develop a list of high prioririty high potential twitter users. These users should be at the top of respective fields on or high target potential clients. Don’t be afraid to engage them as that is the whole beauty of Twitter so it would be effective to spin the story in a tiny way and mention their twitter username in the tweet. For example “@kevinrose we would love to hear what you think of our twitter tips “.

Another method to engage people and share your tweet even more is to utilize Enter in keywords from your blog post’s title and find people that are currently talking about your subject message. Then just ask them to read and utilize their feedback.

Step 6: Rince and Repeat

Repeating this process twice a day at various peak hours is not a bad idea. You could repeat this process once around 8am, once around lunch break time, and once around 11pm if possible. There are ways to partner with web marketing firms to outsource this process but in order for the process to be effective, it must have a geniune personal touch.

Step 7: Follow Up and Analyze

Be sure to pull up your Google Analytics and the metrics provided by your link shortner of choice and look at what has worked and what has not. Experiments and adjustments over time will yield the best results.

That’s all for now. Please share this insight with your twitter followers. Shortcut icons are located at the bottom of this post. But please give our insight to your prospects.

Want to partner with us on our next web marketing initiative? Send an email to

Next Step:

  1. Follow us on twitter
  2. Go go right now and get started.

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How to Carry Your Camera and Lens Gear Around

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Camera and Lens Case

Camera and Lens Case

  1. Make an inventory of all of your photography equipment. Record lenses, accessories, camera bodies, flashes, and everything else you need to make sure you have. This is a great way to construct a check list for your events.
  2. Note the items that are especially large and note the items that you access frequently. For example, note items like your batteries because you need to frequently access them even multiple times during an event. Whereas, you only need to access your camera body once at the beginning and once at the end of the night. Thus is actually makes more sense for your batteries to be in an intuitive location than your camera body.
  3. Browse online collections of camera bags and hard cases. You can try eBay and Amazon and even Wolf Camera. Look for a bag that can fit everything you need. If you can not find anything, consider investing in a custom camera bag.

Why You Should Avoid Wooden Cases

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No one can debate the merits of a product that has history. Wood has been used to create cases for just about ten thousand years. Wood is inexpensive. Manufacturers can mold it, cut it, and shape it cheaply so it is widely distributed. But wood is also a heavy construction material. It’s brittle and it’s not weather resistant and it is susceptible to damage from nature and animals.

With this in mind, is wood the best shipping case construction material?

The answer is absolutely not. hanks to advancements originally made for large signs and billboards, panel technology has pushed the ATA Case industry forward. Now, flight cases, shipping cases, road cases, and other hard cases are made from composite panels which are lighter and stronger than wood. This new construction method is a home run in the industry and due to the huge demand and mass production techniques, costs are relatively low.
Panels are made in various thicknesses that match commercially available extrusions and ATA Hardware.

Still, plywood cases are cheaper. Cases from plywood panels cost as much as 10% to 15% less. However, plywood cases are a much poorer value. Plywood cases have a significantly shorter life cycle which causes the cost to far exceed the initial cost. Don’t be fooled.

The facts:

  1. Composite panel construction is lighter than wood.
  2. Substantial shipping costs savings occur due to this reduction in weight
  3. Upkeep costs are eliminated or dramatically reduced due to the very infrequent need for repairs
  4. Composite panel construction maintains its function for longer and it doesn’t break. It’s far better than wood in a commercial or airline shipping environment.

    Just think about how if you have a wood case and it breaks or splinters, you have to repair the case and you have to repair what was in the case.

    Avoid Wooden and Plywood Cases for Carrying Cases and Travel Cases too
    Injection molded case products have reduced weight, they have standard features which make them easier to carry and transport. They are even cheaper than composite panel cases when it comes to travel and carry sizes. Molded construction is the superior choice by far.

    In music and broadcasting, wood cases are still common. But if anything, this is only due to tradition and habit. If you own a wood case, you would be very wise to switch. We can help. Check out our website and learn about shipping cases options.

ATA Cases

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So, what are ATA Cases?

Definition of ATA Case: ATA Cases are called many things. As a singular, it can be a container, a box, a case, a roadie case, or a hard case (as opposed to a soft case like a bag). The name ATA Case originates from a standard for shipping cases that the Air Transport Association had. Since then, the name has shifted away from necessitating actual compliance with the standards by the ATA. Rather, it represents the purpose of the case. That is a hard, protective case for travel or shipping. As the name Road Case suggests, the cases are often used for protecting equipment on the road. Bands and musicians on tour frequently use “road cases” for their travels. As if there aren’t enough alternative names already, in English Europe the term, “flight case” is used very frequently. While it originated from the purpose of hard protective cases used for travel by air or “flight”, the term flight case is used interchangeably with road case.

ATA Cases may seem like just the exterior shell but often the cases contain complex interiors of various kinds of protective layers and foams. Plastics and foams are cut into layers and places into the cases so that the cases can be used as equipment tool cases, display cases, and other such products. The best cases are made specifically for a purpose and client and that is why custom case solutions are so important for the shipping and traveling world, especially for government, business and industry clients.

Check out our home page on our website to learn more about ATA Cases or if you want to order an ATA Case.