Yet another new product video – Pelican 1630 case

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Guaranteed not to win an Emmy, but I hope this product video series is at least informative. Please let me know if they suck. I am a big boy and I can take the criticism.

Outdoor Waterproof Case for Sensor Unit

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This is a rugged outdoor panel mount case for a temperature and humidity sensor unit.


Blue Foam in Hard Case

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Blue crosslink foam makes a great contrasting color when packing out a bunch of black items. Not only that, it has a really cool look to it.


New Case – Just released HPRC 2530

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This is a brand new size from HPRC. The dimensions are 20.2″x11.34″x5.2″. This is a good “Gap-Filler” since most hard carry cases that have 20″+ in length are wider and deeper than this. A good edition to HPRC’s expanding line.

Visit our site to see HPRC and other hard carry cases


Pelican 1560 Case Product Video

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Featuers and sizing on the Pelican 1560 Rolling Case.

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Custom Plastic Partitions in Shipping Case

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This case is used by shipping several components of a VOIP systesm. Waterjet cut plastic partition system and a top tray (not shown) that sits on top.


(Pretty) Custom Foam for Packaging

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This is about as artistic as I can get with a picture of foam. Like the result though.


Ice Diver with SKB Waterproof Case

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If you ever feel the need to go ice diving with your SKB case, be rest assured that it won’t leak. Priceless photo!


Pelican 1620 Product Video

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Another in our video series showing and discussing the featues and dimensions of the Pelican 1620 Protector Case

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Custom Soft Case for Meter

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We do a lot of soft case projects for different hand held meters. We try to build the smallest footprint that will protect the meter in harsh environments and from shock and abuse.  Click to see more of our Custom_soft_case_for_meter

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