Pak-Tuff: The Ultimate in Strength for Carry Cases

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South-Pak has just developed a line of ultra strong fabricated carry cases called Pak-Tuff. These cases feature a heat formed outer shell with extra plastic in the corners, metal snap down latches, a continuous hinge, and an integrated fold-down handle.

South-Pak, based at 4467 Park Drive, Norcross, GA 30093 is proud to have developed this technology in house in the United States. American manufacturing is holding strong thanks to a fantastic innovative workforce. The quality of our team far surpasses our competitors across the globe. At least we would like to believe so. But we are indeed very proud to feature Pak-Tuff as a Norcross, Georgia technology.

Unlike our competitors cases, Pak-Tuff can be dropped from 4 feet high onto concrete without breaking. In our labs, we have abused Pak-Tuff and pushed our own technology to the limit. We strive to create the very best technology because we know how durable you want your equipment technology to be.

Pak-Tuff will shortly be available in over 200 stock sizes, and will be infinitely customizable with hardware and interior options.

South-Pak’s Custom 19 Rack Mount Cases

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Sometimes your needs require a custom solution. Perhaps this is due to intense working conditions or due to needs for very efficient use of space or perhaps due to custom hardware.

If you’ve been looking for custom work done to your stock rack cases, South-Pak is the manufacturer for you. South-Pak routinely customizes stock rack cases to incorporate non-rack mount gear, and external stands and mounts. We can create the perfect workstation for your unique needs.

We believe our custom rack mount solutions are the absolute best. We maintain the highest quality standards. We can efficiently and affordable scale the custom solutions we build.

Enough about our capabilities: Let’s talk about exactly what we can do for you. Give us a call: (770) 242-0007

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