Save Money with Custom Cases Manufactured with CAD

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Photo of Gauge Tac Fuel Cell Case Manufactured by South-Pak

Complex Custom Case Design by South-Pak

At South-Pak, Inc. we are specialists in design. We use the most advanced tools available and the most intensive techniques to design products that protect for a life time.

Our team of experts construct cases that are purpose specific meaning you will get a product that is specialized to your needs. For example, we used our CAD processes to design a case and case interior for fuel pump accessories.

Before South-Pak developed and delivered it’s innovative solution, the customer had equipment in three separate cases. This caused logistical problems and was just a big headache for the firm.

At South-Pak, we were able to get all the equipment from the three cases into just one case. We were thus able to make the equipment easily transportable without sacrificing a high level of protection.

Picture of Foam inside the Protective Case

Expert Foam Layering and Design

Custom CAD designed and CAD cut case interior for fuel pump accessories. this customer previously had this equipment in 3 separate cases, we were able to get them into one, easily transportable case by re-thinking the overall case design.

Click here to learn more about our special manufacturing process, or read about our custom case solutions here.

Photo of the handles on the case that make it easy to carry.

Case Handles for Easy Transport

How Researchers Protect Their Equipment in the Arctic Seas

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The Miracle of Protective CasesImage of diver holding a carrying case that is climate controlled in freezing water.

Diver wearing layers and layers needs no extra protection for his climate sealed carry case.

How do the world’s leading scientists take their irreplaceable research equipment through harsh environments? Mission ready protective cases prepared by us at South-Pak!

Carrying around expensive and delicate equipment is a challenge anywhere but it is possibly the greatest challenge for researchers working at our planet’s polar ice caps. At these locations, harsh weather can appear out of nowhere with possibly deadly force. And even when the weather is relatively clear, the “normal” conditions of the working environment does not allow any technological equipment or even human skin to last very long. For this reason, researchers wear layers and layers of protection and equipment is placed in protective hard carry cases.

This way, the equipment is protected without compromising the mobility of the technology.

Equipment such as tools used to record data, communicate data, and life-saving emergency response kits are protected by temperatures that would otherwise instantly freeze and ruin the equipment. Even in diving situations, insulated and pressurized cases allow divers to keep their critical equipment with them.

Often, protective cases will be custom made for researchers. This is done because equipment isn’t made to be square and isn’t made for the case. So foam and plastic fabrication is used to house the equipment within the case. Often, wiring and hardware will also be setup within the case. As a result, what looks like a briefcase is transformed into a fully functional technological device that researchers operate by simply opening the case and using a display and hardware such as buttons, levers, and controls.

Our company, South-Pak, produces such specialized protective carry cases that are custom made for clients including government agencies like NASA as well as publicly traded companies like GE. Sometimes, especially when we work with high-tech communications firms, we protect key infrustructure from very harsh environments.

The key when conducting such manufacturing is to know how different case exteriors such as our innovative Plasti-Clad material stand up to harsh environments. We carry out a battery of tests on our products to ensure the supreme level of protection that they provide. South-Pak is also the Southeast distributor for mission ready SKB cases. These cases are built to survive the harshest environments, including ice diving near the south pole.

We Fix Your Rack Cases

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We are manufacturing experts but we don’t just manufacture products, we also help you maintain and improve your existing protective equipment. We routinely fixture rack case lids with additional brackets, straps, and other plastic mounts to conveniently store non-rackmount gear in the case.

Rack Case Lid

Example of a Rack Case Lid we can add to your protective case.

Visit our rack cases page to view our inventory of rack cases or view our case repair services page to learn more about how we can improve your existing set of protective cases.

What to do when your technology is breaking on the job

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These days, barely anyone carries a cell phone without a case. So, why should your employees and staff be carrying much more critical equipment without the proper case and protection?

If your business does a lot of on the field work and you are constantly replacing your technology, identifying the problem can save your business a lot of money. You don’t need us to tell you that, but have you considered that the problem could be the way your technology is being carried and transported rather than the reliability of the gadget itself?

With our custom cushioned soft cases, you can stop replacing your technology and your expensive equipment. Contact us and we’ll prepare a custom solution that better protects your equipment.

One of our clients had a severe problem and had to constantly replace a $2,000 piece of technology. Since our product was introduced, this problem has completely vanished. Not a single unit has broken in the field since we provided our custom made soft cases. The savings are tremendous, and always growing.

If your business’s technology is breaking on the job, be sure to collect the data and identify the source of the problems. Is the manufacturer of your technology at fault for not preparing rigid hardware, or can a more affordable solution be applied to the exterior of your technology? Sometimes, all your tech needs is a case.

A custom case can be made to exact specifications and to exact requirements. If you think your gadget or technology is somehow special and would not work in a case, we would love the challenge.

Our special custom soft cases, soft bags, and cushioning technology is unique and innovative. We know how important it is for business owners to protect their assets. Technology reliability is critical so please allow us to come up with creative solutions that will save your firm money, will improve the reliability of your on the field equipment, and will prove to be an extraordinary value added.

Contact us with your questions or feel free to reply with your comments, ideas, and thoughts.

How We Transform Outdated Cases and Transform them to Save You Money

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South-Pak specializes in case re-works. We take your old out dated shipping and travel cases and modify them to bring them back to life so that you don’t have to spend the money to buy entirely new cases. It’s just one of the many ways South-Pak works to add value to your business.

For instance, we have one customer that already owned roto-molded shipping containers. After 20 years, the customer’s equipment changed and the cases were no longer fit for the job.

So we reworked the foam solution and took care of all of the production needs. We updated the setup of the case and allowed him to use the updated foam partitioning to protect his new updated year.

Obviously, this saved the business a lot of money making both us and the client very happy. Here’s a picture of the production:

A photo of a case South-Pak Inc. modified with new foam and partitions.

Modified with new foam and partitions.

Be sure to navigate our website to learn more about our website. We have pages for custom foam fabrication services, for our custom cases, and for our inventory of hard cases.

Featured Custom Made Trade Show Display Case

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Trade Show Display CaseCustom Made Wheel Rim Display Case

Interior of Case for Displaying Car Rim

One of our customers with trade show needs, needed to transport their custom wheel rim display to many autmobile related trade shows. Their problem was how to balance the risks of damaging the rim in travel, the cost of shipping it, and the desire to go to many trade shows. Our solution was to solve all of these problems.

We built a custom Plasti-Clad case with a custom multi-layered foam interior to keep the heavy display protected. We also packed it in the most size efficient way. They loved the result, it saved them money, and it allowed the company to focus on their trade show presentation rather than the logistics.

To learn more about our custom trade show cases, click here to view our array of trade show cases.

Featured Custom Travel Cases with Partitions

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When space is at an aboslute premium inside a case, there is not better way to maximize it than to use bolted in partitions. Additionally, gasketing and sealing material are used to ensure an air and water tight performance of the case shell. A “little” inginuity and experience also helps in creating the most space efficient package possible.

Using partitions will allow you to pack your equipment and materials in your case efficiently and to the absolute limit while maintaing order and organization. This is perfect if your job has you frequently traveling with valuable and even fragile equipment. Custom made foam and plastic partitions ensure that what you career is protected.

To learn more about our custom cases solutions, visit our custom cases page. Also, be sure to read about our manufacturing capabilities and our custom plastic fabrication manufacturing services.

Featured Custom Light Weight Soft Case

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There is no pickier customer than a company that is in the workplace ergonomics business. Everything has to be lightweight, perfectly laid out, and as easy to use as possible. That’s why South-Pak’s soft bag and custom bag solutions was trusted.

Custom Made Soft Case Foam Interior

Custom Made Soft Case Foam Interior

We built this light-weight soft case with a custom interior for Workrite Ergonomics that stified their very stringent useability requirements.

Custom Made Soft Case

Custom Made Soft Case

Custom Made Case for Shipping and Storing Sensor Technology

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Featured Custom CaseCustom Made Case for Sensors

Custom Made Case for Sensors

In this instance, our customer needed to get a variety of fragile sensors in a conveninet carry case. These cases allow for the needed mobility of the expensive sensor technology. South-Pak was able to utilize both the case bas and lid, and also provided a die-cut neoprene mat for presentation. Thus the solution provided an effective presentable solution. Now the client could transport and carry its sensor technology onto a variety of sites without compromising the integrity of the devices or worrying about damage that might be incurred.

Buy Road Cases for Safe Travels in Atlanta, Georgia

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Our local Atlanta, Georgia factory produces the best custom road cases in the United States and perhaps the world. We know this because some of the biggest companies with the most mission critical demands such as The United States Military and General Electric trust our products.

We say this time and time again so the question is, why should you care?

Well, if you travel a lot with heavy equipment, you are probably getting fined like no one else now that Airlines take any excuse to add penalties and fees. The good news is that having an ATA standard road case can reduce your price. Special low weight cases can reduce the weight of your check-in item and special carry-on sizes can maximize your carry-on capacity.

If you want to learn more, please stop by our showroom at 4467-D Park Drive, Norcross, GA 30093 or give us a call at 1 (800) 541-9834. You can also check out the home page of our website for more information or jump to our custom case solutions page.