Shipping Cases

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We love our cases here at South-Pak and some of our best cases are shipping cases. Allow me to go over our array of shipping case options so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing your protective shipping case.

Picture of a Shipping CaseThere are countless types of shipping cases. We distribute only the best big brand shipping cases and we also distribute our own very specialized trade show shipping tubs.

1. SKB Military Style Shipping Cases
These cases are military grade shipping cases. Created with rotationally molded Polyethylene plastic, they are built to last a life time. Actually, they are guaranteed to last a life time. These cases are absolutely perfect for shipping equipment and shipping heavy tools.  The case will insure the protection of your expensive toolset. These cases have pressure relief valves, optional foam, protected hardware, and much, much more.

2. Zero Transitainer Cases
These cases are a more affordable option than the SKB Military Grade option but the case still provides subperb protection. This case is recommended for storing and infrequently shipping supplies and technology. This case is perfect with custom configuration options as well. Custom made foam inserts can ensure a higher level of protection for the contents of the case and help with organization.

More information about our shipping case selection will come soon. For now, just check out our shipping cases page on our website by clicking here.

Manufacturing the Best Custom Soft Cases and Custom Made Bags

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A few examples of our manufacturing capabilities are pictured above. We make all sorts of custom fabric products, from bags for cables and accessories, to tough bags for heavy equipment, and even light bags to protect valuable and delicate jewelry. Many small, medium, and large businesses work with us on designing packaging solutions for their products or for their sales team using our bags. We fit the bag with logo and branding and make it exclusively and specially on a case by case basis. When potential customers judge you by the professionalism and quality of your presentation, it’s important to consider every detail. We put our name behind every type of case we make, especially our soft cases, and work to earn your trust.

If you want to learn more about our soft cases, be sure to visit our soft cases and bags solutions page. There you will find a live chat box at the bottom left corner of your screen that you can open if you have any questions.

How a Custom Made Soft Case can Protect Your Laptop from Remote Hackers

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If you are traveling and happen to walk through an area with an unprotected wifi account and your laptop is not completely turned off, a skilled hacker can make his way into your data. Even if your laptop is in sleep mode and even if it’s in a normal bag, your private information can be prey.

At South-Pak, we prepare custom made soft cases that can offer you discrete protection and peace of mind.

Technological advancements have resulted in specially coated textiles. These materials that we use for the custom bags and cases we make for laptops feature an electromagnetic shield. By putting your laptop in a bag composed of these materials, your laptop can be protected from air-based hacking efforts. Even if you walk through an unprotected network or a trap where a hacker is scanning for laptops in the area, your electromagnetic shield will protect your equipment.

These materials are reasonably priced and can be used with a grand variety of professional sewing operations.

The good news here is that there have been recent advancements in specially coated textiles that create an electromagnetic shield between your electronic devices and the outside world. Although these materials have been around a while, these advancements have brought down the cost, and increased the ability of these materials to be used in commercial sewing operations.

To learn more about our custom soft bag services, click here and explore the variety of bags we have already created. Pictures, information, and contact information await so what are you waiting for?

5 Tips for Trade Show Shipping Cases

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1. Invest in a case that will stand up to abuse and time
Bigger companies are going to more and more trade shows. As opposed to going to a couple of trade shows in the year, making frequent appearances at regional trade shows is becoming the norm. With this in mind, it is important to find a case that will stand the test of time and abuse. There’s no point in buying a new case before every trade show. It’s not environmentally conscious, it’s not efficient, and it’s certainly not cheap. The benefit of paying slightly higher for a quality specialy designed trade show case far outweighs the small increase in the initial expense.

2. Avoid heavy cases
Some cases need to be heavy and rigid but when paying for shipping services, you need to be able to cut as much weight as possible. Special light weight trade show cases are made up of protective light weight panels. As a result, the shipping cost every time you attent a trade show is reduced. A South-Pak trade show case can reduce the weight of your current shipping case by as much as 30%.

3. Use specially molded cases based on what equipment and materials you are shipping
If you are shipping a large graphic banner to your trade show, you should use a special graphics case. This will allow you to securely roll your banner and allow it to be shipped without getting damaged. If you are shipping lighting stands, be sure to use a flat pack trade show case. If you are shipping a big plasma or LCD display, be sure to use a plasma screen case. The case you use should match your requirements and your needs.

4. Use custom fabricated foam to protect the content of your case
If you are packing a lot of equipment and not just materials such as flyers and banners, it’s important to protect your equipment. It would be a disaster to receive your equipment at the trade show just to find out that the equipment is broken. That’s why custom fabricated foam is a fantastic investment. It gives you ease of mind and it protects your equipment even during the most tough and potentially disastrous shipping situations.

5. Embrace a high tech custom made case to stand out at your trade shows
At South-Pak we have made shipping cases for trade shows that double as a presentation table or a display mount for a monitor. Using cases in a creative and in a professional-looking manner can help you stand out and attract attention at your next trade show. Our custom case manufacturing abilities and our design perspective can help you be a star at your next trade show.

How To Ship a TV Screen

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If you need to ship a TV screen such as a big plasma or lcd display, you certainly don’t want to risk damage and you don’t want to pay insane amounts of money either. There is a balance to be found.

Bu using a specially designed hard protective case for your TV screen with a foam interior, you can protect the case as you travel. You can even let the case double as a stand. This way, you can bring your display to your sales demo presentation or to your trade show. You put the display on the case and there you have it!

At South-Pak, we manufacture and distribute an array of these plasma screen cases. We have them in all sorts of sizes and styles. To view our selection of tv screen cases, just click here. We will work with you to ensure the protection of your equipment and the professionalism of your upcoming presentation. If you have any questions, just contact us.

Where to find the right long gun case

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Looking for a long gun case to protect your weapon such as a rifle or handgun? Finding the right case is hard. You have to take into account the length of your gun, what you want to store with the gun, different brands, different weights, and different prices.

We at South-Pak have decided to make it easier for you.

Introducing our brand new long gun cases page.

The page will let you compare dimensions and weights of various types and brands of gun cases. This is the perfect place to find a case where you can safely store your glock, rifle, scope, and other accessories all together for easy and discrete travel.

Introducing New Pages on Our Website

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We would love to hear your feedback about the new webpages on our website. Have a look and then leave a comment:

Introducing Custom Plastic Fabrication

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We would like to believe that we are only limited by physics. Thanks to our technology, our expert team, and our fascility, we are proud to introduce custom plastic fabrication for cases. We Utilize CAD design, Precision Bending, Waterjet Cutting, and Welding in our plastics manufacturing process.

We feature a rapid prototype development process, and a consistent final product for even very large scale projects and demands. All of our manufacturing is done in house, allowing us to maintain full control over the production of your products. We strive for the highest possible quality.

So what are you waiting for?
Let our designers work with you one-on-one to provide you with the best advice and alternatives for your needs.
Learn more about our custom case plastic fabrication now by visiting our website.

How to Travel on Airlines with Sales Demo Cases

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You can no longer get away with just bringing a hard case into the airport. In our post-September 11th world, for better and for worse security is tight and it can be a big pain and it can cause hefty fees.

Now it takes an article from us in order to learn how to bring your sales samples on a plane without paying too many fees. But we’ll even give you two options.

1. A Padded Soft Case Exterior
A properly designed padded soft case with foaming can take the place of heavy hard case. With good case interior construction, a soft case will allow the same amount of contents to be protected equally well, even in the rough world of airline baggage handling.

2. A Custom Designed Case Interior
Foam padding, pluck foam, and bubble wrap may work if you are using a large case with lots of empty space, but when all of your equipment must fit it into a relatively small case, a custom cushioned interior will make it happen. The high quality custom cases and interiors are designed by CAD (Computer Aided Design) and feature plastic trays and partitioning. They also come with custom foam cushioning, so that the internal structures work together as a supportive unit. In many cases, pardon the pun, this will make the difference between getting everything in, and having to leave some items behind.

If you’re ready to investigate ordering your custom case solution, check our our solutions page