Why You Should Avoid Wooden Cases

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No one can debate the merits of a product that has history. Wood has been used to create cases for just about ten thousand years. Wood is inexpensive. Manufacturers can mold it, cut it, and shape it cheaply so it is widely distributed. But wood is also a heavy construction material. It’s brittle and it’s not weather resistant and it is susceptible to damage from nature and animals.

With this in mind, is wood the best shipping case construction material?

The answer is absolutely not. hanks to advancements originally made for large signs and billboards, panel technology has pushed the ATA Case industry forward. Now, flight cases, shipping cases, road cases, and other hard cases are made from composite panels which are lighter and stronger than wood. This new construction method is a home run in the industry and due to the huge demand and mass production techniques, costs are relatively low.
Panels are made in various thicknesses that match commercially available extrusions and ATA Hardware.

Still, plywood cases are cheaper. Cases from plywood panels cost as much as 10% to 15% less. However, plywood cases are a much poorer value. Plywood cases have a significantly shorter life cycle which causes the cost to far exceed the initial cost. Don’t be fooled.

The facts:

  1. Composite panel construction is lighter than wood.
  2. Substantial shipping costs savings occur due to this reduction in weight
  3. Upkeep costs are eliminated or dramatically reduced due to the very infrequent need for repairs
  4. Composite panel construction maintains its function for longer and it doesn’t break. It’s far better than wood in a commercial or airline shipping environment.

    Just think about how if you have a wood case and it breaks or splinters, you have to repair the case and you have to repair what was in the case.

    Avoid Wooden and Plywood Cases for Carrying Cases and Travel Cases too
    Injection molded case products have reduced weight, they have standard features which make them easier to carry and transport. They are even cheaper than composite panel cases when it comes to travel and carry sizes. Molded construction is the superior choice by far.

    In music and broadcasting, wood cases are still common. But if anything, this is only due to tradition and habit. If you own a wood case, you would be very wise to switch. We can help. Check out our website and learn about shipping cases options.

Did you know about our clients?

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Did you know…?

That are clients include Kodak, Brinks, Roto Group, Tersen, American Junior Golf Association, Siemens, The United States Military, and Fortune 500 companies?

ATA Cases

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So, what are ATA Cases?

Definition of ATA Case: ATA Cases are called many things. As a singular, it can be a container, a box, a case, a roadie case, or a hard case (as opposed to a soft case like a bag). The name ATA Case originates from a standard for shipping cases that the Air Transport Association had. Since then, the name has shifted away from necessitating actual compliance with the standards by the ATA. Rather, it represents the purpose of the case. That is a hard, protective case for travel or shipping. As the name Road Case suggests, the cases are often used for protecting equipment on the road. Bands and musicians on tour frequently use “road cases” for their travels. As if there aren’t enough alternative names already, in English Europe the term, “flight case” is used very frequently. While it originated from the purpose of hard protective cases used for travel by air or “flight”, the term flight case is used interchangeably with road case.

ATA Cases may seem like just the exterior shell but often the cases contain complex interiors of various kinds of protective layers and foams. Plastics and foams are cut into layers and places into the cases so that the cases can be used as equipment tool cases, display cases, and other such products. The best cases are made specifically for a purpose and client and that is why custom case solutions are so important for the shipping and traveling world, especially for government, business and industry clients.

Check out our home page on our website to learn more about ATA Cases or if you want to order an ATA Case.

Static Control Cases

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When you travel with sensitive electronic equipment, don’t risk damage from static electricity! At South-Pak, we not only produce an impressive array of computer chip packaging but we also offer a special kind of foam that protects your gadgets and equipment from static electricity. We call these solutions, static control cases.

What are static control cases?
To rephrase, static control cases are hard cases like road cases or soft cases like bags with a special foam inside that prevents static buildup. We have produced such cases for large fortune 500 companies like Siemens and for individuals traveling to a technology conference. The case offers a unique level of protection and complete ease of mind so you don’t have to worry about your equipment during travel. Because the foam is custom cut and molded, your equipment fits tightly and firmly in the case interior preventing damage from mishandling of your case.

How do I get a static control case?
All you have to do is contact us at sales@south-pak.com or visit our official factory website.

Introducing a new place to share and discuss

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We at South-Pak, Inc., your home for custom case solutions are proud to bring you a new place to share and discuss ways to use cases and containers when traveling and for shipping. We hope that our new message board community attracts a community as enthusiastic as we are.

Check it out now: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Containers_and_Cases

The Best Manufactured Custom Made Shipping Cases in the Southeast

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South-Pak, Inc. produces the best manufactured custom made shipping cases. It’s why giant industry titans, fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and even celebrities trust us with solving their shipping problems. When a Brinks armored truck carries your money, they use our cases. When Siemens needs to ship sensitive equipment, they use our custom made shipping cases. We’ve made shipping cases of every shape, size, and color imaginable and because our work is custom made for the client, each case has a foam or plastic interior made specially for the particular needs.

Want to learn more?
Contact us right now and give us a toll free call at 1 (800) 541-9834.

More about how South-Pak Makes Shipping Cases
At South-Pak, Inc. we have developed a unique bi-core exterior for hard cases. We use this to make large cases with a very hard exterior that is weather proof. It’s incredibly strong and sure to protect what is inside. Furthermore, as pictured above, we cut and provide amazing foam solutions. The foam allows us to fill empty space in the case so that your equipment fits tightly assuring a protected travel. It’s important to note that the cases we custom make at South-Pak, Inc. are ATA Military Grade cases and are not injection molded cases like the cases manufactured by Pelican, Underwater Kinetics, and other case manufacturers. Though we do distribute their products and cases and we do make foam interiors for their cases, if you are looking for something truly custom for your needs, we have your back.

For example, for NASA we produced a nine foot long case. This case was built from the ground up custom for NASA and nothing like it existed before. It protected NASA’s technology effectively and provided a powerful solution for a complex set of problems.

If you manufacture equipment or travel a lot with delicate equipment and traveling and shipping it is a large pain, know that there is a better way. That better way for shipping cases starts with you emailing sales@south-pak.com or calling 1 (800) 541-9834. We will listen to your needs and attempt to solve your problems with a custom manufactured case solution.

We have made cases that allow for a Plug-N-Play solution. That means that the case contained some sort of technology and a power source and all the equipment was operable from inside the case so all the customer has to do is open the case. For example, we made a specialty case that operated a breathing machine as well as a laptop and a solar panel that unfolded out of the case for a high tech high altitude exploration. The travels involved river rafting and lots of climbing and yet our case was manageable to lift yet protective enough to be completely water resistant.

We could go on and on about the cases we are so proud to manufacture here at South-Pak. The bottom line is: give us a call and just say hello. Chances are, we can make traveling easier and we can help you protect your tools, your equipment, your valuables, and your belongings.

Manufacturing Custom Travel Cases

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Our clients have heavy machinery, even cool submarines, trade show presentations, delicate tools, and expensive equipment. The problem they have is travel. How do you travel with specialty equipment?

The answer is simple. You need a specialty case.

South-Pak, Inc. manufactures a wide array of specialty cases. We create custom case solutions for hard cases, soft cases, road cases, gun cases, laptop cases, and more. You name it, we got it.

What are road cases?
We produce road cases and other case products but if you don’t know exactly what we’re talking about, try to visualize the case musicians go on the road with. They are large, often black, cases with a hard exterior. The secret is the interior though which is often custom made to fit the tools and equipment to prevent damage and create an effective layer of protection.

Want to learn more about what we do? Visit the home page of our website today.

Welcome to our new blog

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South-Pak, Inc. is currently working hard to reveal some of what we do and how we do it while demonstrating our manufacturing capabilities. We hope to be your trusted source for custom cases. We make custom soft cases and custom hard cases. We even distribute top of the line molded cases from top road case manufacturers. But more than anything, we love designing innovative case interiors such as Plug-n-Play solutions and FoamFrame based foam interiors.

Our patented technologies make us the best in the Southeast and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you. As always, reach out to us if you have any questions.