Plug-N-Play Custom Demo Cases:

How to Give Your Customers a Hands on Demo Without Being There

by Norry Liebman

At times, we all wish we could be two places at once. Since human cloning is not on the horizon, we have utilized online meetings and other productivity tools. If you are doing a product demo however, there really is no substitute for actually being there to run the demo…...or is there? Enter the Plug-n-Play Demo Case.

Plug-n-Play demo cases are designed to be shipped directly to a customer, opened up, plugged in, and be ready to show the functionality of a product in a hand on fashion. These cases tens to have equipment mounted on internal panels with wiring hidden underneath. The salesman can give instructions, and point out important features via video conference. The customer gets a good hands-on feel for the equipment, and the salesman looses very little by not physically being there.

The cases used for this application are modern, professional looking injection molded cases. They are usually over boxed for shipment to keep them from getting blemishes and labeling that would make them unattractive to the customer. In addition, the inside of these cases are usually adorned with custom logos, labels and placarding to enhance the marketing appeal. Give away items and brochures can also be included in the case. After the demo, the customer applies a pre-made return shipping label, and sends the case back to your company.

These case build outs are complex, and construction is best left to a professional custom case fabricator who utilizes CAD design and manufacturing. The fabricator must also be adept at wiring and panel fabrication. Appropriate case shells are commercially available off-the-shelf, and most come with a lifetime warranty. There is a vast array of case sizes, and it is highly likely that you will fins one that matches your exact needs.