South-Pak's Manufacturing Process

The Latest in High Tech Manufacturing Processes and more.

South-Pak combines the latest in high tech manufacturing processes combined with old fashioned listening skills to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs. With our wide array of tools and experience, our designers can quickly assess your needs, provide you with thought-provoking alternatives, and quickly take you from idea to prototype.

CAD Design
Our designers utilize CAD modeling programs for case design, prototyping and final product documentation.

CAD Routing CAD Routing is the ideal choice for applications requiring closed cell foams, and multiple cavities with varying depths. Routers can cut up to 8" deep and eliminate the need for laminating foam layers, or hand modifying cavity depths. Prototyping charges range from $50 to $100 for most projects. Because the data resides electronically, there is a high degree of consistency and repeatability.

Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet cutting utilizes a small stream of water under very high pressure to through cut the substrate material. The effective cutting depth for foams is 8" and it can be used on both open and closed cell foams. In other applications, waterjets are used to cut food, ceramics and even thick steel! The process is CAD driven and programming costs are usually less than $100. Because the data resides electronically, there is a high degree of consistency and repeatability.

Die Cutting
Die cutting utilizes a steel rule cutting blade bent to exact specifications and affixed to a wooden board. The board is then placed in a large press and parts are "cookie-cut" out of a sheet of either open or closed cell foam. Die cutting has an effective cutting depth of 4" and tool fabrication costs for die cutting range from $50 to $250. Die cutting is economical and fast for production runs of 10 to 20+ pieces. Existing routing and waterjet CAD programs can be also be used to create a cutting die.

A variety of custom made saws, router tips and jigs provide case design options for one-of-a-kind items, same day service, or trial prototypes.